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The Pentre Workshops



Located deep in the rural North Wales countryside the Pentre Workshops provide for the comprehensive needs of all stringed instrument players. From basic Guitar setups and minor repairs to the complete resoration of very old vintage instruments.


Harry Miller has been making and repairing accoustic Guitars for over 40 years and has a wide experience in the repair of accident damaged instrument as well as age and use related issues such as neck resets, refrets etc.




Rose Price

Really enjoying playing my guitar since you sorted it for me - it's like a different instrument (well, still a guitar of course...). I keep waiting for something to go ...wrong - so far, so good. I may have another challenge for you soon (be afraid, be very afraid).

Thanks for sorting out "The Weissenborn... it never sounded so good... used the new 3 way switch all night... sounded awesome... you Scottish genius...

Mitch Mitchell

Also... just needed to tell you that my Weissenborn which you fixed sounds absolutely AWESOME... don't know what you did but it is unbelievably good... all the band agreed... you are an absolute genius...!

Thanks for sorting out the HD28. Just played at the Blue Lantern Acoustic Open Mic at Yales Wrexham and you've transformed it.
Thanks for repairing my neck Harry. My tin box guitar sounds grand, tidy job. Better than it's ever sounded!


Paul Blackburn

You did an awesome job on my Tele and to think, I was ready to get rid of it! My Les Paul's playing so much better too now. Only problem is you've setup all of my decent guitars now apart from one.....which means you'll be seeing me again soon as it just doesn't play aswell as the rest now!

Got my beautiful old Bass back yesterday after the very talented Harry Miller waved his magic over it and completed a perfect repair.
A big big thank you Harry, I am made up with it :O)
If ever you need a repair doing on any stringed instrument, look no further than this Guy.
Nick Skelson
Harry Miller Guitars is based on a farm - in the old slaghterhouse, in fact.
This is very apt, because Harry Miller is a BUTCHER. I took my 1973 Fender Jazz bass (worth £3,000.00) to him last Saturday - it had a problem with the neck, which just wouldnt play nicely. The Butcher proceeded to fully assault my pride and joy in front of my
... own eyes. He whacked it down on his carpeted workbench like the mad Scotsman he is -- he put his full weight on it so the neck bent like a bannana (he's 20 odd stone by the way).
Anyway, the Jazz bass now plays like a dream. I only let Miller do this to my pride and joy, because he built me, in 2005, a Precision body swamp ash, Jazz neck maple black dots. Awesome.
Hi harry the Gibson is spot on mate, you'd never tell it had a fifteen inch crack in it...... cheers for doing such a great job on it :)
Hi All... Having looked around both Paul and I have had our guitar and mandolin in for a service and re-fret with Harry Miller. Having just collected them we both agree his knowledge of string instrument repairs coupled with the quality of his craftsmanship has left us in no doubt why he is recognised as one of the UK's leading luthiers. 10 out of 10 Harry.... a superb job.


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