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The Pentre Workshops



Located deep in the rural North Wales countryside the Pentre Workshops provide for the comprehensive needs of all stringed instrument players. From basic Guitar setups and minor repairs to the complete restoration of very old vintage instruments.


Harry Miller has been making and repairing acoustic Guitars for over 40 years and has a wide experience in the repair of accident damaged instrument as well as age and use related issues such as neck resets, refrets etc.



Building guitars is Harry's passion. Every aspect of his work from initial concept, design, selection of materials, construction, finishing and final set-up is undertaken to ensure that the quality is the best achievable.



Harry builds guitars one at a time and, from conception to completion, they are made to meet the customers personal and individual requirements, each instrument is built to perform to the highest possible standard.



All construction materials are stored in a new, purpose built, wood store which has a temperature and humidity management system to ensure that the wood arrives in the workshop in the optimum condition to make a quality guitar.



To fully realise it's potential, each set of wood must be handled individually. Experience, craftsmanship and a thorough knowledge of scientific principles enable him to obtain a full, rich, balanced, individual sound for each instrument.



When you commission a new instrument you are invited to visit the workshops and select the wood from which it will be made. It is an absolute pleasure to make a guitar from some of the most beautiful woods in the world and then hear that instrument played by a delighted customer.